Tom Mason joins our team

• Silke Bauer

We would like to welcome Tom Mason, who has joined our GloBAM team as post-doctoral researcher.

Tom will be working in the Bird Migration Department of the Swiss Ornithological Institute, where he will focus on forecasting how future environment change will influence the behaviour and demography of aerial migrants.

Tom is a conservation ecologist interested in how wild animal populations respond to changes in their environment. He uses ecological modelling approaches to explore how the spatial distributions, population dynamics and behaviours of animals are influenced by both natural processes and human activities. Tom carried out a PhD at Durham University in the UK on the impacts of climate change on alpine ungulates, before undertaking post-doc positions in Canada and the UK in movement ecology and conservation conflicts.

Over the past few years Tom’s work has focused increasingly on the ecology and conservation of bird populations. He hopes to make use of this experience within GloBAM, where he will initially be developing behaviour-based simulation models of bird migration.

More information on Tom’s research can be found on his personal website and Google Scholar page.