Silke Bauer
Silke Bauer | Project coordinator / Leader - Synthesis (WP5)

Animal migrations, especially their large scale patterns and timing are Silke’s core research interest. Although much of her research has been devoted to migrants and migrations themselves, it increasingly also recognizes that migrants can have a multitude of effects and interact with the resident communities visited during their journeys. Silke is a senior researcher at the Swiss Ornithological institute, GloBAM’s coordinator and lead of its synthesis-parts.

Peter Desmet
Peter Desmet | Leader - Data infrastructure (WP1)

Peter is passionate about open data and open science. He works as open data coordinator for the Open science lab for biodiversity at the Research Institute for Nature and Forest (INBO). He is responsible for the data infrastructure and data management of GloBAM.

Jarmo Koistinen
Jarmo Koistinen | Leader - Retrieving biological information from weather radar data (WP2)

Jarmo has had a passion for ornithology since childhood. He is particularly interested in the impacts of weather on bird migration. He is a senior research scientist in the Radar Science research group of the Finnish Meteorological Institute. Within GloBAM his main efforts are focused on validating bird migration with polarimetric weather radar data and on the forcing rules of weather in migration models.

Andrew Farnsworth
Andrew Farnsworth | Leader - Biomass flows of aerial migrants (WP3)

Andrew is fascinated by bird migration and uses rapidly expanding technologies for studying bird movements, including weather surveillance radar and citizen science. He is a Research Associate in the Information Science Program at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. Within GloBAM, Andrew is leading efforts to quantify and characterize the biomass flows of aerial migrants.

Judy Shamoun-Baranes
Judy Shamoun-Baranes | Leader - Scenarios of biodiversity drivers (WP4)

Judy is an ecologist fascinated by animal movement and especially avian flight. Her research aims at understanding how intrinsic and external factors influence animal movement and the short and long term consequences of movement strategies. Judy is a professor at the Institute for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Dynamics at the University of Amsterdam. Within GloBAM Judy is leading efforts to develop scenarios of biodiversity drivers.

Jason Chapman
Jason Chapman | Associated researcher

Jason is a movement ecologist interested in the evolution of animal migration strategies. He uses novel technologies including biological radars to characterize the migration ecology of insects and birds. Jason is an associate professor at the University of Exeter. Within GloBAM, he will play a leading role in understanding insect migrations using radar data.

Adriaan Dokter
Adriaan Dokter | Associated researcher

Adriaan is an ecologist with a background in physics, with a keen interest in animal migration and foraging ecology. He is a Research Associate in the Information Science Program at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. Adriaan’s recent work focuses on quantifying the biomass flows of birds across large continental areas; he will continue this focus during GloBAM.

Birgen Haest
Birgen Haest | Post-doctoral researcher

Birgen is a computational ecologist interested in solving complex ecological issues by using novel data analysis techniques and acquisition technologies. Birgen will shortly be starting a post-doctoral position within the Bird Migration Department of the Swiss Ornithological Institute. Within GloBAM, he will focus on quantifying and understanding insect migration using radar data.

Bart Kranstauber
Bart Kranstauber | Post-doctoral researcher

Bart is interested in where and how animals move. His research uses computational tools to understand what drives the movements and distribution of animals. Bart is a post-doctoral researcher at the Institute for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Dynamics at the University of Amsterdam. Within GloBAM Bart is focusing on understanding environmental drivers of the aerial movements of birds especially during migration.

Felix Liechti
Felix Liechti | Associated researcher

Felix is an ecologist with broad interests, but a particular focus on bird migration. He has been fascinated for more than 30 years in using modern technology like radar and miniaturized data-loggers to investigate animal movements that are otherwise invisible. Felix leads the Bird Migration Department at the Swiss Ornithological Institute and is a senior adviser within GloBAM.

Tom Mason
Tom Mason | Post-doctoral researcher

Tom is a conservation ecologist interested in how wild animal populations respond to changes in their environment. He works as a post-doctoral researcher within the Bird Migration Department of the Swiss Ornithological Institute. Within GloBAM, Tom will focus on developing spatial models of bird migration to explore how migratory journeys will be affected by global environmental change.

Cecilia Nilsson
Cecilia Nilsson | Associated researcher

Cecilia is a behavioral ecologist, interested in flight behavior, bird migration and radar ornithology. She currently works at the University of Copenhagen, where she studies large scale patterns of flight behavior using data from networks of weather radars. Within GloBAM she is working on questions relating to large scale differences between migration systems and combining European and US weather radar data.

Nicolas Noé
Nicolas Noé | Research software developer

Nico is a software developer with experience in biodiversity informatics. He loves open source, creating random stuff, old maps, and weird fishes. He currently works for the Open science lab for biodiversity and will contribute to the data infrastructure of GloBAM.

Raphaël Nussbaumer
Raphaël Nussbaumer | Post-doctoral researcher

Raphaël is fascinated by the ability of birds to navigate and time their migratory journeys. He uses geostatistical methods to study spatio-temporal patterns of bird migration. He is a post- doctoral researcher at the Swiss Ornithological Institute. As part of GloBAM, Raphaël is focusing on modelling and quantifying nocturnal bird migration using weather radar data.

Baptiste Schmid
Baptiste Schmid | Associated researcher

Baptiste is fascinated by observing animal movements and works with radar systems to investigate the spatio-temporal dynamics of mass migratory movements. He feels very fortunate to conduct research on avian migration at the Swiss Ornithological Institute. Within GloBAM, Baptiste is working to improve our ability to distinguish bats and insects from birds in radar signals.

Nadja Weisshaupt
Nadja Weisshaupt | Post-doctoral researcher

Born a birdwatcher, Nadja’s main research interests are bird migration and conservation. In recent years she has focused particularly on radar ornithology. She works as a post-doctoral ornithologist at the Finnish Meteorological Institute. In GloBAM, her primary focus is the development of a bird migration model for the Finnish airspace.